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Marnie Wark

Cathy Gray

Cellar Door Art

Artists - Marnie Wark & Cathy Gray

We are thrilled to have some large works from the very talented South Australian, Marnie Wark on display at our Artwine Cellar Door and Gallery.

In addition we have another talented South Australian artist, Cathy Gray. Cathy’s work is all hand drawn in archival ink.  The delicacy is reminiscent of an embroiderer’s needlework and in particular, lace.  The complexity of design and exquisite execution are evidence of Cathy’s devotion to her work, with any one piece taking up to 200 hours or more.”

We have original and limited edition giclee's for sale. 

Cathy has also painted our wine barrels making them the perfect spot to have a glass of wine and admire the stunning views.



The Artwine perspective is that we believe in surrounding yourself with pieces of art that you love - glass of wine in hand!

Art is for wine lovers. Art should be at the heart of the table, with wine. 

Wine and art are neither elite or mysterious. They are both there for our enjoyment and the happy moments in our lives.